At SYNAPZE we are always looking for better, smarter and elegant solutions

to solve your problems. Our goal, find the way

to effectively materialize your needs.

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Our spirit

We are made of people which are entrepreneurs. We love making smart things with new Web technologies. We already have a foot in the future, in order to influence the way we'll use the Web tomorrow.

Our services

You have a project that requires an IT solution ? We can help you to find the best way to materialize your needs. We only deal with the latest Web technologies in order to create with you a State-of-art software solution.

Our products

At SYNAPZE, we love create our own tools and applications which help us to offer you more efficient solutions. In this mind, we have created DOPAMINE, our powerful CMS on top of Keystone.js based on Node.js and the Superheroic JS Framework : AngularJS.

Interested in working with us ?

We'd love to hear about it and build something great together.

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